Sandy Krawczky


Sandy Krawczyk and her daughter Laura hosted the first “Replenish the Need” blood drive with Unyts in honor of Ken Krawczyk, their husband/ father that passed away last year.
Ken was being treated for serious complications from Ulcerative Colitis and PSC. During the last 4 months of his life, he received 100 units of blood products, and then after 15 days on the transplant list. He received the Gift of Life through an organ donation with a new liver. Unfortunately, Ken did not survive the surgery and passed away June 24, 2016.
It was his wish to replace what was given to him so unselfishly. Their goal was to replenish the need with those 100 units of blood, and sign-up 15 new Organ Donors in his memory.  They accomplished the blood collection goal and signed up over 50 people to the Donor Registry list.

The song “Humble and Kind” emulates who Ken was, how he lived his life, and his memory.