October 2, 2017

Contact: Sarah Diina,  



Blood Supply Adequate Following Las Vegas Shooting


Unyts, WNY’s only community blood bank, has been in touch with the local Las Vegas blood suppliers through Blood Centers of America (BCA), our national network. We have learned that the local blood suppliers have enough blood on hand to support the local trauma centers, and are shipping in additional type O red blood cells and platelets to replenish inventory. This is just another reminder about the importance of donating blood as regularly as possible so that in times of crisis, the blood is there for those that need it. It is the blood on the shelves that saves lives.


As a community blood bank it is the responsibility of Unyts to answer the call for blood at our local hospitals, and ensure that we are providing an adequate supply for patients in need. Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood, and over 41,000 donations are required each day to meet this need.


If you are interested in donating blood with Unyts please call 716.512.7940 or visit to make an appointment today.





*As of January 1, 2012, Unyts operates under, d/b/a Unyts, WNY’s only Organ, Eye, Tissue and Community Blood Center. The organization is no longer Upstate NY Transplant Services.